Sarah Krajewski

As an Elementary Art Educator in WI, Sarah most enjoys being in her art room, creating and working with her young artists!

On days when we are using glitter in the Art room, Sarah will wear glitter wings and a wand, as the glitter fairy. Her students are the glue fairies, adding glue lines where they want glitter. When ready, they deliver their creation to the glitter fairy, who is the only one that gets to touch the glitter. The secret to glitter classroom management.

Sarah also enjoys creating her own art with bright, happy colors and shapes. She has her one-of-a kind polymer clay earrings and happy paintings available on her Etsy Shop. You can also find fun prints and and home goods available on her RedBubble Shop.


Our Art Mantra

At the beginning of each art class, our students recite our mantra, encouraging positive self talk. There are corresponding hand motions that go with each affirmation.

Check out the video to see our mantra in action!